Why Should I Believe in Jesus?

Obviously, the reasons to believe in Jesus start with His promises to believers, His track record of fulfilling those promises, and the rewarding benefits of knowing Him. Many believers can attest to these things happening in a wide variety of ways. But if you are looking for more concrete answers, I am going to describe two categories of “why” that apply to this question.

The first category is overwhelming evidence. There is more evidence for why you should believe in Jesus than any of us could absorb in a lifetime. For example, you are probably aware that He is such a significant figure in history that our calendar starts with Him. That should give us a clue as to His impact on the world. Starting with only 12 believers, now more than 2 billion people consider themselves followers of Jesus. The book that tells His life story is the biggest selling book of all time. More universities, hospitals, orphanages, and humanitarian organizations were begun by His followers than by the followers of any other leader. This was because they believed His teachings and followed His example. Many modern world leaders have been His followers including nearly all the United States Presidents. Many of the most intelligent people who have ever lived were His followers. These reasons are just “the tip of the iceberg” of rational, credible, documented details to support putting your faith in Jesus as your Savior.

Mountains of evidence exist about Jesus, enough to assume it is proven by today’s popular standards. A lot of evidence against Him has also been purported. But neither body of evidence is absolutely conclusive through natural-based analysis, no matter which side boasts the highest number of evidentiary findings.

I have found that the external sources of evidence for Jesus, as convincing as they are, have not been as impressive as the many ways He proved Himself to me personally. After you are in a strong relationship with Him, I would be surprised if He does not prove Himself to you over and over. There is no greater evidence for Jesus than when He makes Himself real to you. It is undeniable.

The second category of “why” is benefit offered. Believing in Jesus not only secures your eternal life, but also accomplishes so much more that will benefit you immensely. For example, innumerable believers have attributed their high level of success to Him. I have heard many people tell about miraculous things that Jesus did in their lives. If I were to name the many positive things He has done so far in my life, it would bewilder you. I realize it is intriguing to hear the juicy details, but I would prefer your mind stay on the main point. It is that YOU can experience many positive and miraculous experiences in your own life when you believe in Jesus.

The benefits of salvation include relationship with God, help from God, the blessings of God, a new identity as royalty - a child of the most royal King. New and great value is placed on you in the kingdom of God. You become a partaker of God's nature. Purpose and meaning are added to your life. You are given peace that passes all understanding. You are given a future and a hope. You get a new nature that is full of joy, love, and peace.

Perhaps the most powerful reasons for believing are that He loves you for who you really are, He makes a really good friend, He smiles upon you with delight, and He is calling you in a gentle way to come to Him and be saved. Do not consider it a coincidence that you are reading this right now when I am writing about Jesus calling you to faith in Him. Maybe you would want to pray about it and see.

I have provided some answers to even more questions below that you might find useful, but I think you have been given enough information to understand the decision to believe in Jesus as your Savior. There are also volumes written my others involving reasons to believe. If you love reading, there are many writings and books that are available.